Multidimensional Parenting:
8 Keys to Unlock Your Child’s Potential
For Pregnancy Through the First Five Years

You will discover...

  • How to shift your mindset
  • ​The importance of pregnancy and the first five years
  • How to manage emotions together
  • How to build a foundation for lifelong learning
  • How to support the gut for a better mood!
  • ​The importance of movement for the brain and body
  • ​How to improve the environment to support the brain!
  • ​How to reduce levels of stress
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"Dr. Molano was extremely instrumental in developing the best and most appropriate plans for the children and families she served. The best part of working with Dr. Molano was seeing her genuine desire to ensure each child had the most appropriate plan to help each child with their individual needs and to help them meet their potential."

-Art Lieras, Former Regional Administrator for the Department of Children and Family Services

eight critical pillars
You'll gain insights into the crucial roles of mindset, brain development, and nurturing relationships. Explore the impact of nutrition, gut health, effective stress management, and the importance of regular movement. 

Plus, understand how envorinmental factors and your surroundings contributes to your child's health. This simple, yet informative guide is your first step towards securing a well-rounded, healthy future for your child
Dive into a world of possibilities with our expertly crafted guide, where you'll discover simple, yet powerful tips to master the eight critical pillars of health for your child's development. 

Unravel the secrets of nurturing a positive mindset and the nuances of brain development. Forge stronger, healthier relationships that contribute to emotional well-being.
Pregnancy and the first five years
Gain crucial insights into the transformative first five years of a child's life. Understand how these early years are fundamental in shaping future physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual well-being. 

Our resource provides you with the knowledge and practical strategies to positively influence these critical developmental stages, helping to minimize life-long difficulties. This guide is more than information; it's a blueprint for nurturing a well-rounded, thriving individual right from the start.
Raising children is a journey that deeply intertwines with your own well-being. Recognize the profound impact of your personal alignment and wellness on your parenting journey. Our guide is designed not only to assist you in intentionally shaping your little one’s brain architecture and fostering their optimal development but also to ignite a transformation within yourself and your family.

This guide is more than a resource; it's a catalyst for positive change, encouraging a holistic approach to nurturing both your child's potential and your personal well-being.

Dr. Karen Molano, a multidimensional psychologist with over 20 years in the field, is an expert in infant, family, and early childhood. She is the innovative founder of LumiTot, catering to children five and under, as well as expecting parents.

 LumiTot, at the vanguard of child wellness, seamlessly blends neuroscience-based parenting with functional medicine. It offers parents a streamlined, easier and more enjoyable approach to parenting, while promoting optimal brain and body development in children that will last well into adulthood and for generations to come. 

Dr. Molano developed The LumiTot Method, which intricately weaves her extensive knowledge in child psychology and neuroscience with a spectrum of holistic disciplines, such as metaphysics, neuro-nutrition, neurotoxicology, movement, and the crucial link between brain and gut health. This transformative approach to parenting is specifically tailored to the pivotal stages from pregnancy to the first five years, fostering 'Multidimensional Parents.' 

These parents are adept at instilling a lifestyle that nurtures their children’s cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth in a holistic manner and in a transformative approach for the family as a whole. It is a testament to Dr. Molano’s commitment to fostering a generation of Multidimensional Parents, who are pivotal in shaping the formative years of their children’s lives.

Multidimensional Parenting:
8 Keys to Unlock Your Child’s Potential
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